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Who We Are

THC Express is a woman owned and women operated edible and topical processor based in Kingston, WA on the northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula. We specialize in premium small batch artisan edibles and organic topicals that newcomers and connoisseurs alike will enjoy. We feel quality ingredients are as important as the enjoyment of the cannabis effects. After establishing our processing center in 2014, our goal is to build a local cannabis business that will benefit the community we live in with jobs and someday contribute part of our profit to local needy families.

Our Process

We carefully extract all of the beneficial oils from the cannabis plant in our commercial kitchen under the supervision of skilled professionals, infusing dairy butter with full flower cannabis. We carefully examine the potency and quality of all goods to ensure a safe and enjoyable product. All of the marijuana used in the production of our goods is pesticide-free Washington State grown flower. Edibles are handmade and individually packaged in our clean room environment “made to order” so they arrive at the retail stores fresh.


Infused Chocolate Dipped Treats

Infused Baked Goods

Infused Sweet Gummies

Infused Sugar-free Candy

CBD & THC  Topicals

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